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Nextdoor.com to connect residents and fight crime expanding in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Police Department is taking steps to improve relationships with the community.

A social network for neighborhoods called Nextdoor.com is expanding its partnership with the Police Department to connect with residents in Milwaukee residents in their immediate area and address their individual concerns about safety.

\"If something is happening at home I know right away on my phone. So if I'm away from home I know what's going at home,\" explained Eric Diaz of the Lindsay Park neighborhood.

The social private network is free and has been tested in Milwaukee for the past six months.

\"It's like classified digital at the tip of your hands,\" added Diaz who says says posts range from a lost kitten to somebody needing help cleaning their gutters. 

Many advertise lawn mowing services, but the Milwaukee Police Department is also using the site to send out geographically targeted alerts about crime trends and to invite residents to events related to community outreach.

\"It gives us another tool to solidify relationships we've made in the community,\" Officer Chance Bamba told CBS 58 News.

While Facebook is for family and friends and twitter often for news.  Justine Fenwick of Nextdoor.com says the site specifically focuses on communication with people on your block and in your neighborhood where you truly know the source of the information and its reliability.

\"Residents have to be verified that they live in the neighborhood and have to use real names. So there's no anonymity on the site and that builds trust in the community.\"

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