Newly released document highlights how much work went into bringing the DNC into Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A newly released document shows just how much work went into bringing the DNC into Milwaukee.

Mayor Tom Barrett says he worked to secure a $50 million security grant from the federal government. 

The city needs to come up with about $65 million more on its own.

Barrett says, it will all be worth it.

Long before he announced landing the DNC, the city submitted a 93 page pitch to the Democratic National Party.

"I think people are starting to realize just how much work went into this bid. That it was literally hundreds of hours," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The original budget of $55 million came mostly from either national corporate or Wisconsin corporate donors but still called for millions from local families and national unions.

Milwaukee started fundraising strong, outpacing competing Houston and Miami.

"We've been the most successful of any of the applicants both in what you'd consider to be the hard money and also the line of credit," said Alderman Ashanti Hamilton.

The bid shows a massive transportation operation pledging to hire a fleet of 500 busses.

"Because you're going to have state delegations staying in hotels both within the city, outside of the city, and sometimes many miles from the city."

It also demonstrates Milwaukee's biggest challenge of finding hotels, even mentioning 1,000 Marquette dorms and 2,000 UWM dorms as potential space.

"You had to use every space that we had available in order to meet some of the requirements."

Leaders say it's worth it to get 50,000 people bringing in around $200 million.

The bid document was just released but is not new so some of the figures in the official contract with the DNC might be different. That contract has not been made public. 

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