New gated community gets approval to move forward in Pleasant Prairie

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission considered and sent a favorable recommendation to the Village Board regarding the the Breeze Terrace Apartments development which are to be located on the east side of 116th Avenue, south of Corporate Drive.

The development includes three 33 unit apartment buildings and six 19 unit apartment buildings with a club house and associated parking and site improvements on 16.75 acres. This will be a gated community.

On Monday, August 20, the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission also approved a Digital Security Imaging System (DSIS) agreement and Access Easement for the Breeze Terrace Apartments. The enhanced DSIS will provide surveillance of the exterior building perimeters, building entrance/exit areas, rear and side areas, sidewalks, picnic areas, parking lots and entrances within the development. With this agreement the company will meet current requirements and will be in compliance with the Village Security Ordinance provisions of the Village Municipal Code. Digital Security Imaging Systems assist in protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare. The purpose of the Access Easement is to provide for the installation, operation and maintenance of the DSIS and will not interfere with the landowner’s property.

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