'Nerve-wracking': Some Kenosha residents on edge as city awaits charging decision in Jacob Blake shooting case

’Nerve-wracking’: Some Kenosha residents on edge as city awaits charging decision in Jacob Blake shooting case


KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Kenosha leaders say they're expecting charging decision in the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in the first two weeks of January.

Some residents say they're feeling on edge.

“Going through what we did back in August, we’re a little worried," said local Barbara Costabile.

But she's also staying positive.

“I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as everybody is thinking, in their heads," she explained.

As Kenosha officials await the fate of Officer Rusten Sheskey, who shot Blake, the outcome sparks some dread for city activist Porche Bennett-Bey.

“I want to be hopeful about the decision, and I say hopeful because I still doubt it will be what people want it to be," Bennett-Bey, founder of Kenosha activism group United As One, said.

On Sunday, the police department released some precautionary efforts, which they say, are to combat the unlawful and to protect peaceful demonstrations.

On the list so far: a designated demonstration space, road closures, barriers, limited bus routes and a curfew.

“I just think they know more than they’re telling us which, you know, that’s their right but it’s a little nerve-wracking," Costabile said.

“There’s nothing wrong with protesting," Bennet-Bey added. "I honestly do not see anybody destroying anything. Cause we’ve all, as a whole city, been working together to rebuild it.”

Instead, Bennett-Bey said she’s worried about militia members coming to Kenosha, and continues to call for city leaders to be transparent.

Kenosha police say they will release more detailed public safety updates.

A timeline for those has not been given, but they’re encouraging residents to follow their social media pages.

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