Neighbors Show Support for Grieving Family

The family of 4-year-old Soloman Smith placed a memorial near the home where police say the boy was shot.

The shooting happened on Friday just before 6p.m. claiming the life of the boy.

Police have not released a whole lot of information about the case but they have said a gun was fired inside of the home, and the little boy was struck by the bullet.

While talking with neighbors they said they were saddened to hear that a community lost another child.

Neighbors say the memorial will help keep the family in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, and they hope they can find peace.

Friday night, the grandmother spoke to CBS 58 describing little Soloman and his favorite toys.

“As you can see over there, I have items over there for him things that he loved to do. He wanted to go to school. He always said, I go on the school. I go on the school bus. I was like, yea, you're going to school," said Glendora Jones.

Autopsy results in this case have yet to be released.

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