Neighbors remember couple killed in car crash, vigil set for Friday night

There is still debris all over the snow near where this crash happened Sunday. Some neighbors put up a sign, flowers, and a message to Bernie and Tina Hanson. The couple was tragically killed in car wreck near 84th & Wilbur. Katie Dewitt lives nearby and she says she was one of the first people out here trying to help. She wanted to put up a memorial to remember the Hansons. She recalls a horrific scene. But now wants to remember them for the good things.

\"I was there. I feel so sorry for the family,\" DeWitt said. \"I thought this would be a helpful thing for them to show that I care and other people care. Hopefully others will join us later tonight.\"

DeWitt plans to have a candlelight vigil at around 7:00 pm Friday night.

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