Neighbors React to Deadly Officer Involved Shooting Near 19th and Stark

MILWAUKEE - The scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting was just two blocks away from a school in a quiet residential neighborhood. (MORE INFORMATION HERE)

A lot of homes are around this area-- and a lot of people who were home when this happened.

 One woman says she heard at least six shots and it sounded like an exchange of gun fire-- and she was scared that a bullet might go through her home 

 "I just, I was scared. I was on the bed, I couldn’t move. I didn’t really want to move cause I was scared," said one neighbor who heard the shooting.

Other people we talked to didn't hear shots but they did hear the sirens. 

They describe this area as typically quiet and are concerned that a possible drug deal was happening right outside their homes. 

One neighbor who didn't want to show her face on camera,  says it's unfortunate someone died but she is grateful for police working to keep her neighborhood safe. 

"It’s good that they’re on top of it. And the got someone, sounds pretty bad, off the street because too many drugs are taking over our streets as it is."

Police remained on scene hours after - crime tape blocking the area is actually attached to homes. Neighbors say they will be relieved when this scene clears. 

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