Neighbors fearful, traumatized after fatal shooting of 5-year-old

Neighbors near 58th and Fairmount have lost any semblance of safety. Gunfire they've grown used to hearing nearby has now infiltrated the very block they have felt peace. Naquisha Mann says she is sickened by the

"Now we can't even sit in our own living room and feel comfortable watching TV because just yesterday our 5 year old neighbor was murdered,” Mann said.

Parents vowed to keep their kids in doors. But they are now realizing that even that place can't shield them from senseless violence. Sherry Collins had to explain to her kids how they wouldn't be able to safely play outside or inside.

"After yesterday, I don't want them in the living room at all. I want them in their rooms," Collins said.

Latashia Jones feels the same.

"I'm looking to move. I mean, I have three kids. I don't need my kids to be statistics,” Jones said.

Jones had grown close to 5 year old Laylah's family. Their girls played together, and attended each other's birthday parties. She remembers the young girl's bright, caring personality.

"I'm gone miss her though, I really am," Jones said.

Neighbors say the family had been living there for many years and were never any trouble. They can't imagine how their home could ever be a target of such evil.

"It's sad that these people, whoever would see fit to do something like this wouldn't even think about a child or anyone, nothing matters except for that moment." Mann said.

The family, along with Mayor Barrett and Chief Flynn will be speaking with CBS 58 Saturday afternoon.

The ATF meantime is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If you can help, call 414-935-7360.

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