Neighbors call out Bayshore Town Center for failed promises, unkempt property

An eyesore at Bayshore. Nearby residents are calling out the shopping center for failed promises and unkempt property.

They said it's significantly lowered their home values and are demanding something be done.

\"You learn to suffer in silence, but I'm finally tired,\" said homeowner Bob Dufek.

Dufek is talking about the litter beer bottles, trash and cardboard, not to mention the overgrown weeds, right across the street from his house.

\"They don't do anything,\" he said. \"They don't maintain it in any way.\"

The property belongs to Bayshore Town Center.

According to reports, its owners entered into an agreement with the City of Glendale for its 2006 expansion project. It required Bayshore to build housing on Lydell Avenue, blocking the view of the parking garage.

Nearly 10 years later, Dufek said construction for condos is long overdue.

\"They were supposed to build these condos, which were supposed to provide tax revenue to Glendale to pay off the parking garage, which they paid for,\" he said.

Dufek and his neighbors have complained to Glendale and Whitefish bay, but to no avail.

In the meantime, a speed limit sign hides behind overgrown brush and families have to be extra careful just to walk to the shopping center.

\"A very poor neighbor,\" Dufek said. \"You think they'd have concern about the effect on other neighbors, but they clearly don't care.\"

Earlier this year, Olshan Properties, owner of Bayshore Town Center, announced plans to develop 300,000 square feet of additional mixed used property near the parking garage.

CBS 58 reached out to them for details and Glendale city officials about its development agreement with Bayshore, but did not hear back. CBS 58 will follow up on this story and bring you the new details as they develop.

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