Mukwonago's Wynn Stang starting senior season with a bang

NOW: Mukwonago’s Wynn Stang starting senior season with a bang

MUKWONAGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Following 304 rushing yards and four touchdowns in a Week 1 52-28 win over Hamilton, Mukwonago senior Wynn Stang ran for 470 rushing yards and six touchdowns in Week 2 to beat Sun Prairie East 55-48.

"It's shocking knowing how many yards we're actually putting up," said Ryan Mazer, a senior offensive lineman for Mukwonago.

"He was shocked, he didn't know it was that many. Didn't think it was that many, I didn't think it was that many," said Mike Gnewuch, Mukwonago head football coach.

"The second I heard it was over 400, I was like 'wow,'" said Wynn Stang.

Those back-to-back performances give him 774 rushing yards already this season and 10 touchdowns.

"He runs in practice exactly the way he runs in games. And that is hard and that is physical and that is punishing," said Gnewuch.

Stang spent the last two seasons splitting carries with Jake Adams, but now, as the lead back, is 278 yards away from the school record set by Bryan Kaplan at 2,524 yards. Stang may punish defenders when he runs, but it puts him at ease.

"Best feeling in the world. It's like kinda feeling alive. Like walking on clouds, I guess. Just out there running, playing with my boys. Great time," said Stang.

It’s the boys up front that he is giving a lot of credit to.

"It takes some really good 'ole linemen who are playing their hearts out out there. And it's all because of them, honestly," said Stang. "I couldn't imagine not having those guys up there."

"We trust him and we hope he has mostly the same trust in us, as well, up front. And we're all coming together pretty well," said Mazer.

That combination has Mukwonago leading the state in rushing yards through two weeks.

"They're really physical and they're really great up front. And Wynn is Wynn, he's not gonna go down with the first tackle," said Gnewuch.

Wynn, who is also an all American lacrosse player, hopes to run his team all the way to Madison and a Division 1 state title.

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