MPS students work to develop their own mobile apps

Some Milwaukee Public School students are getting a chance to learn about top notch technology. And they're doing so as they create their own mobile apps.

\"We see students using different types of things, using smartphones, using social networking sites and other types of technology,\" Math & Science teacher Scott Kempen said.

Much of the time students are using apps at school.

\"It's really teaching our students how to create different technology,\" Kempen said.

Students at Washington High School get that chance. The school is one of ten in the entire U.S. Selected to for a mobile app development program.

\"We've got a lot of positive feedback from students,\" Kempen said. \"Students have been starting to develop a lot of different ideas about what types of apps they'd like to create. Trying to learn more about how to actually set up and program the apps.\"

The program was created by Lenovo and the National Academy Foundation. It's supposed to foster the next generation of app developers and entrepreneurs.

\"This is a real opportunity for the students to create their own technologies,\" Kempen said. \"Something they can make on their own and something they can have and say 'hey, I did this.'\"

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