MPS students compete in ice-cream making competition

NOW: MPS students compete in ice-cream making competition

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's the sweetest competition of the school year for Milwaukee Public Schools students. 

Friday, Feb. 28 teens created their own new flavors of ice cream, and whichever flavor the judges like best will be sold at Purple Door Ice Cream shops this coming summer. 

Culinary arts students from four MPS high schools are mixing and tasting and creating to get the perfect flavors. 

A teacher from Washington High School said her students are stretching their talents. 

"For this, it's kind of like we're not the school that's known for baking, that's kinda Bay View's thing -- 'cause of their chef leader -- but it's taking them outside of their comfort zone and saying hey, let's show them what Washington can actually bring to the table," said Sabrina Manuel, culinary arts teacher at Washington High School. 

The celebrity judges included Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Jennifer Bartolotta from The Bartolotta Restaurants, and Jerry from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. 

Bay View High School won the challenge last year, with a flavor called "Bango Helado Con Chamoy." The recipe included mango, beets, lemon, line apricots, chili powder and apricots. 

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