MPS says new fields are revitalizing city football

NOW: MPS says new fields are revitalizing city football

Parents of Vncent High students say they’re big fans of the new football field.

“Some of the past fields, it was almost like they were playing on rocks and stones at times, but this is a drastic improvement," Wayne Young said.

Former players says the difference is night and day.

“It looks amazing," Jahih Porter said. "I really like the new look. I think it’s dope. I mean I want to get out here and play.”

There are new facilities at Pulaski and Vincen, which follow the 2017 renovations to Custer and South stadiums.

MPS says new facilities can generate fan support and get students interested in athletics.

“People go to the shiny thing," MPS Athletics Commissioner Bobbie Kelsey said. "So the stadiums are a good start to what we can do with our facilities. You look at the collegiate kids, and sometimes they go for the facilities and what they have.”

Some MPS fields used to not meet WIAA regulations.

Superintendent Dr Keith Posley says,  if you build it,  they will come, and MPS is working on keeping up standards of more than 100 fields.

“Our young people get a chance to play on the same type of field that everyone around Wisconsin," Posley said. "Everyone around the country gets to play on. So it’s something that they look forward to doing, and it’s an exciting experience.”

Vincent beat Madison handily, 88-0 Friday, but Kelsey said all that matters is they got to play the game.

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