MPS celebrates 15 years of AEDs in district schools, buildings

NOW: MPS celebrates 15 years of AEDs in district schools, buildings

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee Public Schools is celebrating 15 years of having automated external defibrillator devices in district schools and buildings.

The devices help people in cardiac arrest. Despite students virtual learning, leaders say it is so important to have the devices whether students are learning in person or at home.

According to MPS, the first AED was installed at Washington High School 15 years ago. In that time, nine lives have been saved.

Although students are learning from home, district staff and teachers are still in school buildings. Right now, MPS has 225 devices with at least one in every building.

Since the pandemic, MPS has continued to practice for cardiac arrest emergencies virtually. Superintendent Keith Posley said it is important to stay up to date because staff is in buildings and so are students for after school programs.

“While we are in a pandemic and students are not in school, our educators are still in school buildings and at the central office location,” Posley said. “As we’ve seen throughout the years, AEDs are critical, not just for our young people, but also adults whether they are staff or community members.”

MPS leaders said the district was one of the first large school districts in the country to implement the devices and training.

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