MPD releases community briefing video of May 7 officer-involved shooting

NOW: MPD releases community briefing video of May 7 officer-involved shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Milwaukee Police Department released a “community briefing” video on an officer-involved shooting that occurred on May 7.

Milwaukee Police say officers were conducting surveillance for homicide suspect Victor Cintron in the area of 7th and Maple after a caller said they believed Cintron was in the area.

Police say a suspect approached the officers' car. According to the video, the man tried to look into the car but couldn’t because the windows were tinted.

As the suspect walked out of the parking lot, another man came up to the first suspect.

Authorities say the second man then walked up to the driver’s side door of the police officer’s undercover car.

The masked man removed a pistol from his waistband. Police say as the man pointed the gun at the undercover car, two officers inside of the car shot at the man.

The man was hit several times and fell to the ground near the car. That’s when police say officers got out of the car, called for help and provided medical aid.

The first suspect then tried to run away, but was taken into custody.

The Milwaukee Fire Department then transported the man who was shot to the hospital, where he later died.

Police say the suspect’s gun was loaded.

The incident was captured on nearby surveillance video. Police say officers are not required to have body cameras rolling while conducting surveillance, but once the shooting occurred, an officer turned on his body camera.

The Waukesha Police Department is investigating the incident.

Cintron was later arrested on May 20 in California.

MPD says the video was released to promote transparency and accountability with the public.

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