MPD On the Lookout for Dangerous Drivers After Two Serious Crashes

                With two serious crashes happening in just one day MPD is now speaking out about what they're doing to crack down on dangerous drivers, especially in district four.

While there have been a high number of crashes in district four, police say its happening all over the city and these reckless drivers are mainly young people.  

"They just don't want to wait. They're going high speeds. They don't care," said Johnson Ojunfetimi, manager of Andy's Gas Station on Good Hope Road. 

Its near the intersection of Good Hope and Teutonia, right in front of where Thursday's car versus box truck accident happened. He says he sees people running red lights all the time. 

"And it happens so quick, you don't even believe it sometimes," he said. 

That crash wasn't fatal but this one on 76th and Sheridan; a car versus DPW truck, was. Police say in both cases the drivers were going more than 70 miles per hour, on roads with speed limits of 40 MPH. 

"We have long stretches between traffic lights here and I believe that contributes to speeding," said Lt. Phil Hanyard from MPD. 

Nearby at the intersection of 76th and Good Hope, people say they see it all times of the day, saying drivers are running red lights and gunning it through intersections when the light turns green. 

"They use that third lane and they're just flying down. With kids coming out of schools, getting off buses there's bound to be more accidents for sure," said Dominic Harris, who works nearby.   

But police say they're aware of it and they're going to stop it. 

"We've messaged it to our officers: do traffic enforcement. We've also put out our radar cars to help enforce the speed limits as well as out out seed signs to get people to slow down," he said. 

Citizens are on board, saying they don't want to be the next victim. 

"If you've got two people out there speeding and both are trying to time the light, something is going to happen," said Michael Hester. 

Police tell us the most problematic streets are N. 76th, Silverspring, Brown Deer and Mill Roads. 

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