MPD launches Operation Save-a-Casing to address increase in stolen guns

NOW: MPD launches Operation Save-a-Casing to address increase in stolen guns

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Police Department announced Thursday, July 7, Operation Save-A-Casing in an effort to address the troubling trend of increased firearm thefts in the city.

"We are finding more firearms being stolen from vehicles and obviously we've had an uptick in stolen autos," MPD Captain Phil Simmert told CBS 58.

The voluntary program calls for gun owners to collect two spent casings and place them in a Save-a-Casing envelope along with relevant information and hand it to police. If the firearm is reported lost or stolen, police can then enter the information about the casings into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.

"This database can be searched for possible matches," according to the Save-a-Casing website. "If a match occurs, the NIBIN lab sends that information to MPD investigators."

Casings are only entered into the system when the firearm is reported lost or stolen.

The effort can help with solving crimes by helping identify the identity of the firearm used in crimes. It can also help return guns to owners.

Police say it's a good step for gun owners to take.

"It's protection for them," Capt. Simmert said. "If they're forthcoming to the police department they're showing they're responsible gun owners, and in the event that their firearm is lost or stolen, there's a mechanism to connect their firearm to those crimes."

Save-a-Casing envelopes are available at MPD district offices for free.

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