Motorists mildly pleased with mild drop in gas prices

NOW: Motorists mildly pleased with mild drop in gas prices

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- With gas prices slightly down from the highs they hit a few weeks ago, people are feeling slightly less pressure at the pump.

Officials with GasBuddy said in the coming weeks you could see prices like these continue to fall a couple of cents every week, drivers said anything helps right now.

"It's not a significant one, but every penny counts, especially if you're driving further away, that will add up," said motorist Jennifer Soborowski.

Experts said gas prices have fallen 19 cents in the past two weeks, to a national average of $4.86.

Soborowski said it'll take a lot more to get them excited.

"But I'd say if it was 50 cents down, that's like a bigger difference than smaller amounts," said Soborowski.

Gas station workers say people are feeling better, but not that much better

"Gas prices are down, but they would like to see them way down, like the two-dollar mark," said gas station manager Kelly Terotte.

Analysts said the drop is likely because of lower demand after the holiday weekend.

Some motorists said downward prices are really just a band aid on the bigger problem of gas dependency.

"The fact that they're going down is good and I appreciate that. I think in the long term, gas prices being high, it can incentivize people to get EV's which I think is great in the long term for our future," said motorist Carter Wood.

Motorists like Niko Panagiotopoulos aren't denying the short-term advantage however.

"I think it's going to be helping people and small businesses as well, every cent counts at this point," said Panagiotopoulos.

In the last week alone, average gas prices fell 8 cents nationally.

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