Mother of Tony Robinson wants to know why shooting him dead was the only option

 Andrea Irwin has just completed a national interview in hopes of restoring her son's reputation since he was fatally shot by a Madison Police Officer two weeks ago.

\"He was creative and loving,\" she told CBS. \"He loved his family. He loved his siblings. My caretaker personally. He was a young man searching for himself, his soul, where he wanted to be in life.\"

Irwin says she worries some may try to justify his death with the news reports of his prior conviction for armed robbery with a BB gun and that police say he was threatened while trying to question Robinson about two assaults in his neighborhood.

The teen was not armed.

Irwin says she needs more specifics on why shooting her son was the only option. 

\"What was his reason for taking my son's life?\" asked Irwin. \"What exactly was it that made him feel, it was his only option. That there was no other option. And that to be death and impose that sentence on my son.\"

Carter was in New York when his nephew, who he calls by his middle name Terrell, was killed.

\"I was told the police were called to help Terrell,\" Carter said to CBS.

Carter also said he did not want to impede on the investigation currently underway by the Department of Criminal Investigation.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Madison Police said they had received numerous calls about a person acted erratically and going in and out of traffic. The same suspect, quickly identified as Tony Robinson, was also suspected of assaulting two people in a relatively short time span in the moments leading up to the confrontation with Officer Kenny.

To read the statement from Officer Kenny's family click here

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