Mother arrested after Sheriff's Deputies find three kids alone in house including 5-month-old

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies served papers at a house in Milwaukee around 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning and found three kids alone in the house. The kids ranged in age from 5-months to one and 6-years-old. The 5-month-old was in a crib, the two other children were sleeping on a couch.

Deputies stayed at the house until the mom, Cherron Miller, arrived after her job as a school bus driver. She said "some guy" was supposed to be watching the kids, but she didn't know his name. The grandmother came to the house while Deputies were there are said she did not know the kids were left home alone. 

Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt said, “Children need constant supervision and love from their parents or guardians. Law enforcement and social services will protect children who are neglected, however, no system can replace parents.”

The Thursday morning incident was the fifth involving unsafe children in Milwaukee County this week. A man with a BAC of .19 crashed on the freeway with a 5-year-old in the car who had not been in a car seat or belted in. A woman with a BAC of .20 driving recklessly on I-43 with a 6-year-old child who also was not in a car seat or belted in. Relatives lost track of a 3-year-old child who was found wandering alone after dark in McGovern Park. And an unsupervised 4-year-old child was found in an abandoned house with drug paraphernalia

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