Most DNC volunteers told they won't be needed

NOW: Most DNC volunteers told they won’t be needed

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Back when the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) was supposed to mean 50,000 people coming to Milwaukee, the DNC Host Committee said they needed 15,000 volunteers.

Given the changes, potential volunteers were worried they wouldn’t be able to participate.

“I figured it would be a very small group that was chosen,” potential volunteer Dawn Martin said.

Those fears were realized, as many volunteers received a letter last week that they would no longer be considered for the limited opportunities remaining.

The DNC Host Committee sent a statement to CBS 58 News that they are  “Incredibly grateful for all of the individuals that have expressed their interest in helping us host a safe and successful convention right here in our hometown. To best protect public health and safety, in light of the covid-19 pandemic, volunteer opportunities for this year’s convention will be limited."

But a select few, like Martin, got a different email, indicating they made the cut.

“It just is really an exciting thing," Martin said. "I’ve only been to one other convention, and obviously, this is not going to be a typical convention. But I mean, I have been so excited about this convention since the day it was announced.”

For the rest, the DNC sent a digital toolkit, so people who still want to be involved in some way can be part of the social media presence elevating the scaled back convention’s online presence.

Martin, the treasurer for the Milwaukee County Democratic Party, said it beats removing the convention from the city entirely.

“I was hoping so much that we would have the convention here," Martin said. "I knew that we had put together a wonderful bid, and I was very hopeful.”

The DNC could not say what these limited volunteer opportunites are or how many are available. The host committee is continuing to follow guidelines from public health officials.

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