More Wisconsin mothers choosing not to deliver their babies in hospitals

WAUWATOSA---More Wisconsin women are choosing to give birth outside of hospitals. Many choosing an at-home birth, that's why birthing centers are becoming a more popular option.

Authentic Birth Center in Wauwatosa is one of the few birthing centers in the state. They've already delivered 70 babies and they've been open over a year. The idea is to deliver your baby in a what feels like your home. They don't induce labor and offer no drugs. Midwives at the center believe this makes for a healthier, easier delivery.

\"We didn't want to be looked at as a medical or emergency scenario,\" said Daria Shumann. She delivered her baby two weeks ago at Authentic Birth.

Midwives believe this growing trend is happening because more mothers are becoming aware of the benefits to at-home deliveries.

Authentic Birth takes all insurance, including Badgercare. There is some out of pocket expense. One-thousand dollars for the delivery room and three-thousand dollars for the midwife staff. The women help you during the pregnancy and also provide checkups after the baby has been delivered.

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