MMA Fighter Fights Carjackers in New Berlin and Wins

New Berlin police are still looking for the two men who tried to carjack a former MMA fighter and quickly found out they had the wrong one. 

Sasa Perkic is a bouncer in Milwaukee. On his way home from work at 4am he pulled over outside his apartment complex after a driver bumped his car. 

Sasa Perkic says "I looked at my bumper I saw no damage the passenger stepped out of the vehicle. I said why did you guys hit me? He said I don't know ask the driver. I start walking toward the drive and just glance and think he's going to steal my car."

That's when this former MMA fighter let loose.

"I got a hold of his shoulders pushed him down on the ground for on top of him then seconds later I just felt sharp in my neck and I knew I was getting stabbed. I turned around toward the guy who was stabbing me and grabbed his leg, he fell on the ground and flipped," says Perkic.

The two men ran back to their own van and drove off. 

Perkic lost a lot of blood and has stab wounds near his neck and kidney area, but says he will be fine. 

"It could have been fun or worse or hit some kind of artery," days Perkic.

While his winter coat stopped the knife from going in too deep, Perkic says it was his instinct and skills that saved him, and after this he isn't scared at all. 

"Fear isn't going to change anything I mean the only thing I tell people is if you get bumped don't leave your car and call the cops. If you see in your mirror that someone is walking toward your car you're better off taking off," says Perkic.

Perkic has two kids and says he has to put food on the table. Therefore, even though he got stabbed and nearly carjacked this morning, tonight he's already back at work. 

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