"MKE Plays" Starts Renovation Process for Six Playgrounds in 2016

Six parks and playgrounds in the city of Milwaukee will be rehabbed this spring and summer through the "MKE Plays" initiative, Milwaukee Common Council President Michael Murphy said.

In fact, there are already signs of construction at Marcus Deback Playground. Around the edges of the basketball court a lot of the ground has been torn up. Some city officials plan to use the area as part of their Arbor Day celebration.

But the space overall is being reviewed. MKE Plays has raised $1.2 million from private citizens to renovate 12 selected parks. Learn more by clicking here.

"We have an ambitious goal of twelve parks to rehab in three years. We started late last year and finished one. This year we're going to complete six and it's in the heart - the central part - of our city. We really want to make sure this is a great opportunity for kids to get out there and exercise and enjoy it," Murphy said.


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