Mitchell Park Domes Task Force approves $66 million proposal

NOW: Mitchell Park Domes Task Force approves $66 million proposal

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A major overhaul of the Mitchell Park Domes is one step closer to reality.

The Domes Task Force approved a $66 million plan Tuesday night. Taxpayers will pick up a small portion of the bill.

The Task Force set out three years ago to try to just save the domes, but there wasn't enough money to do it. When they set their sights on revitalizing the entire park, the multi-million dollar plan became possible.

The final Mitchell Domes plan was presented to the Task Force Tuesday. The plan calls for fixing the cement and glass of the domes. But there wasn't enough tax money to cover the $30 million cost, so the Task Force expanded the plan. 

The final version would include a full-time restaurant. It would also have new gardens, learning opportunities for kids, and a new welcome center.

It balloons the cost to $66 million, but by opening up the plan, they turned on a faucet of extra money.

They lure private donors who might not be drawn in by a repair project, and apply for about $30 million in tax credits. That means only $13 million of the cost would fall on the county.

Consultants say the new designs would generate $16 million a year in revenue for the park and surrounding area. Their recommendation now goes to the full County Board who will consider it later next month.

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