Mitchell International Airport Looks to Add Direct Flight to Miami

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is working towards expanding and making international travel even more accessible.

A representative with Milwaukee airport said the airport is looking at several specific goals for the coming years.

This included making international travel a lot easier.

On Friday, Ismael Bonilla, airport’s director, he said the airport is looking into replacing the international arrivals building at the airport.

Right now it's mostly used for charter operations and people can only arrive to there you can't depart.

Bonilla said the biggest challenge to making this happen is the cost.

He said if people want to see upgrades and improvements at General Mitchell, there is a way to help.

"If you can fly out of Mitchell, do so. We're doing everything we can to lower our cost, be more efficient, be more creative. but really if we don't utilize the airport, the airlines are not gonna be taking anymore risks or taking it any more flights or another airline will not take the risk to come into Mitchell,” said Bonilla.

Bonilla also said he is looking to add a direct flight from Milwaukee to Miami and is already in talks to see if can happen sooner rather than later. 

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