Missing dog phone app

\"Finding Rover\" is a new phone app that uses facial recognition.

It's free and uses a snapshot to match the face of a lost dog with those that have been found or admitted to an animal shelter.

Owners can search right from their phones.

Shelters hope this will reduce the time a lost pet may spend in a shelter. 

Owner and mother Joanna Cox shared her story of her pet being scared away by thunder and lightning.

\"She escaped and ran into the neighborhood. We placed posters and canvased the neighborhood for 4 days with no luck. Our 10 year daughter created the Finding Rover account and uploaded a recent picture. Because of this uploaded photo, on Day 5, Roxy was identified by the County of San Diego Dept of Animal Services after arriving to the shelter. Within 4 hrs of arrival to the shelter, we were there to pick her up.\"

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