Milwaukee's crowd control plan in place as Bucks fans flood downtown for Game 2

NOW: Milwaukee’s crowd control plan in place as Bucks fans flood downtown for Game 2

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With the issues that Water Street has been having after dark, the city's plan for crowd control is in place during the Bucks playoff game. 

But fans aren't thinking about that right now. There's only one thing on their mind on Water Street Friday night.

"Go Bucks! Fear the deer!"

Water Street's preparing for what could be even larger crowds than we saw after Wednesday night's game.

"I think the police working on that," said Jae Howard, Bucks fan. "You see, they're getting rid of a lot of parking spots. So can't nobody really park down here. So I figure once they get rid of that, there's no traffic for people to be down here kicking it and then you know, everybody just wants to have a good time."

The temporary no parking zone went into effect at 8 p.m. Friday night on Water and other nearby streets as city leaders work to curtail any late night shenanigans as we've seen on recent weekends.

"Oh yeah, good crazy. Passionate fans, a lot of noise, I mean we always bring the rowdiness," said Bucks fan Mike Tkachuk. 

Alderman Bauman said police would have upwards of 50 officers keeping an eye on Water Street after the game. 

The city also planned to power down all e-scooters after 9 p.m. and they'll be towing vehicles that are illegally parked.

But fans only have one thing on their mind. 

"Bucks in six," said fan Tyler Tennis. Why Bucks in six? Probably lose one in Atlanta."

"Yeah, Bucks in five," said fan Charlie Gerrietts. "I mean, if they can play how they did in Game 7 against the Nets, there's no way they can lose this series."

"I don't know," said fan Donnie Ellis. "They kind of played that game like it was a regular season game instead of a playoff game. They really should've pulled those guys out."

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