Milwaukee community leader "Mama" Freeman in need of help, trying to save building

NOW: Milwaukee community leader “Mama“ Freeman in need of help, trying to save building

Many in Milwaukee’s Garden Homes neighborhood speak highly of her.

"One of the toughest ladies I know, there's no tougher than what you get in Ms.  Freeman," said Damion Booth.

At 80-years-old, Martha “Mama” Freeman, has seen it all. She also has saved lives in her north side community.

"It's just something that I do when I see people in trouble," she said. "I feel if I can say 'give me the gun, or put it down or let's talk about it', bring people together, to me that's worthwhile."

But now Mama Freeman needs others to be there for her.

The building she owns on 27th and Atkinson is in bad shape. It was issued a number of code violations by the city of Milwaukee with the deadline of August 29th to get everything done.

Everyday past the deadline is costing her. CBS 58 is told she's being charged $150 daily by the city for the code violations.

"The gutters, I need the broken windows fixed, I need the masonry work done, as you can see right around here, the bricks are coming loose," she said.

The property includes apartments, a barbershop, also her church Alpha & Omega Ministry located at 4386 N. 27th Street. 

Those who love her are hoping the Milwaukee area will step up to help.

"People to come and do the work pro bono, or reduced rate, but right now we're just trying to raise money to help her out, and supplies, material, skilled labor, but just even workers to help with this big project," said Cindy Christofferson, Pastor of Rockwood Church in Waukesha.

Community members said it'll be terrible if all of the good work Mama Freeman does were to end. "It's devastating, other word. It'll crush the neighborhood; it'll be a crushing blow."

Mama Freeman said she has been speaking with Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton to see if the city can reduce the daily fee. 

Meantime, a gofundme page was created to help raise money for the needed repairs. For more information, visit:

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