Milwaukee Winter Parking Rules

Milwaukee winter parking rules go into effect Thursday, December 1. Residents should make sure to park accordingly tonight for their car to be compliance tomorrow morning.

Most residential streets will require alternate side parking. However, there are some exceptions to that rule.

City of Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works says if a car owner is unsure which side of the street to park on, checking where other cars are parked can be helpful.

“If you aren't aware of what side of the streets to park on you're either going to get towed or a ticket. I know I’ve gotten towed and ticketed in the past. I know that for most people in the Milwaukee area get over $100 in tickets in a month so it's pretty hard but we make it through,” says a Milwaukee resident.

Posted signs take precedence.

Overnight parking is not allowed on most big streets and bus routes.

Depending on the violation, you can be ticketed or towed.

The towing fee is $105, plus $20 a day for a storage fee.

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