Milwaukee to reinstate parking enforcement on Monday for all posted time restrictions

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The city of Milwaukee will reinstate parking enforcement on Monday, Sept. 14 for all posted time restrictions. Night parking restrictions remain suspended. Daytime permit applications are now available online.

The city suspended all time, metered, day and night parking restrictions on March 19 to accommodate residents due to the coronavirus pandemic. As businesses began reopening,t he need for turnover in parking locations increased and on June 15, parking meter enforcement was reinstated.

According to officials, as college campuses resume in-person classes, demand for certain areas will increase, therefore parking enforcement will resume on Monday, Sept. 14 for all posted time restrictions. Daytime parking permits will be required and vehicles cannot be parked beyond the allowable time at parking meters, officials say.

Warning notifications have been placed on violating vehicles since Sept. 3 to allow the public time get acclimated to resumed enforcement and acquire appropriate daytime permits, according to a news release.

The Milwaukee Police Department no longer issues daytime permits. However, if you meet the requirements and qualify, they are available online for purchase here

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