Milwaukee Public Libray open during frigid Temperatures

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) will remain open on Monday, January 6th and Tuesday, January 7th during the extreme cold weather conditions. 

All 13 locations will have a modified schedule and will be open from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 

Below is a list of the changes in hours for each location on Monday and Tuesday:

Regularly Scheduled Hours:                                       Modified Hours for All Locations:

Central Library                                                                12-6 pm

Monday 12-8 pm, Tuesday 9 am-6 pm                     

Atkinson, Capitol, Forest Home,

Martin Luther King, Mill Road

and Tippecanoe Libraries

Monday and Tuesday 12-8 pm

Bay View, East, Villard Square, Washington Park

and Zablocki Libraries

Monday 10 am-8 pm, Tuesday 12-8 pm

Center Street Library

Monday 9 am-8 pm , Tuesday 12-8 pm                    

Library hours are subject to change based on the extremity of weather conditions. 

Library employees and patrons can find complete information on MPL locations, hours and closings during winter weather on or via MPL’s Facebook page or Twitter account at @MilwaukeePubLib.


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