Milwaukee Police Chief speaks about robbery spree on east side

MILWAUKEE-Police Chief Ed Flynn isn't calling it a gang, but did tell CBS 58 News that a young group is committing robberies across the city.

So far, investigators have arrested  a 16 year old, a 17 year old and two 18 year olds who they believe together were involved in up to a dozen robberies, including eight robberies on the city's east side.  

\"The organization we're looking at intensely right now, we're in the process of investigating it and making an arrests, but also making a strategy to deal with it.\"

The chief says the group uses stolen cars to commit more crimes. But he doesn't call them a gang in the conventional sense.

\"Much more made up of crews, have something in common. Today's gang's as likely to get into fight with itself than be in a turf battle with someone else.\"

CBS 58 Investigative Reporter Sarah Barwacz has more.

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