Milwaukee Police arrest several gang members

Police take down members of the ATK and HPT gang on Milwaukee's north side.

\"I can say with confidence that we are becoming a safer city,\" said Mayor Tom Barrett.

The arrest on Tuesday gives Barrett hope, especially after a violent few weeks that include several children shot.

\"The vast majority Of fatal shootings and non-fatal shootings are being settled with guns. Children are in the crossfire between a group of knuckleheads who have beef to settle with each other. We have not been able to prove any gang relation targeting that place,\" said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn.

That doesn't mean they stop looking for those responsible.

\"Now we have made the targeting of violent street gangs a priority, part of our strategy overall to reduce the level of violence in Milwaukee,\" said Flynn.

Police and several law enforcement agencies arrested 13 men Tuesday after finding pot and guns hidden in homes. Many of them will be facing drug related charges.

\"Street gangs thrive on the fact that they are anonymous and they thrive on believing that we don't know who they are or that we are ignoring them,\" said ATF Special Agent in Charge Joel Lee.

The latest slew of arrest proves otherwise.

\"These investigations will continue,\" said Flynn.

Police are still looking for four suspects; Ronald Parker, 32, Deron Gilbert, 33, Devon Thomas, 26, and Jamarcus Williams, 32.

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