Milwaukee Native and Motivational Speaker Claude McFarlane With A Program to Meet Goals in New Year

So, how is that new year's resolution going?

Has it already fallen by the wayside like the confetti from the parties?

Claude McFarlane, a Milwaukee native who has his own consulting company, has a system that he says can help anyone reach their goals in life.

He calls it  "RiSE" to help set personal and professional goals.

1.Define their character while taking accountability of actions, regardless of past mistakes, current trials, or circumstances.

2. Find their passion and purpose in life, and the vision and inspiration required to achieve it.

3. Develop spiritual alignment, faith, patience, and prayer, to determine how one operates.

4. Learning how to recognize, develop, and execute skillsets to be powerful and impactful. 

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Claude's conversation with Anchor/Reporter Michele McCormack is attached to this story.

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