Milwaukee man on furlough describes impact of shutdown

NOW: Milwaukee man on furlough describes impact of shutdown

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's been nearly four weeks since Lee Teasley was able to go to work. 

"Not getting paid is a big deal, not going to work is a big deal," said Teasley, "I'd rather be doing my job than being idle."

Teasley is an Engineering Technician for the Federal Aviation Administration. 

"I maintain the facilities that a lot of the equipment is housed in," he said. 

He's on furlough during the government shutdown, meaning he's not allowed to work. 

"Think of anyone that you know and what goes on in their life, now imagine that you don’t have a paycheck. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure does buy everything else," Teasley said. 

His wife works, but the two recently bought a new house. 

"Obviously if I get into a desperate situation, I’ll have to go find another job. I’ve heard the statement that this could go on for years, I can’t do that and neither can anybody else. We will all have to find something else," he said. 

Teasley is also concerned for his co-workers. 

"There’s people out here that can’t pay their mortgage can’t afford to get back and forth to work" he said. 

Many are working during the shutdown, but not getting paid. 

"They still have to go to work and then when they’re done they don’t even get the joy of being able to relax because they still have to worry when are we going to get paid."

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