Milwaukee landed the DNC, now how do they host it?

NOW: Milwaukee landed the DNC, now how do they host it?

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee no longer has to convince national Democrats to come to the city.

"Now the real work begins," committee host chairman Alex Lasry told CBS 58 news Tuesday.

Lasry said they are now working to create a staff, and over the next 4-6 months, will ramp up their efforts to raise the $60-70 million required to host the DNC.

"We're going to do a mix of large donors and small donors, so this feels like it's participatory for everyone," Lasry said.

They've already raised about $11 million and hope to raise $30-40 million from out of state.

"So that's money that wasn't going to be put into the economy that will now be in to help make this convention one of the best in American history," Lasry said.

The federal government is expected to issue a $50 million security grant. While Secret Service handles most security around the arena, local law enforcement will need to play a big role.

"Absolutely we can handle it," Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said. "Especially with the relationship we have now, if you notice, I talk about the other organizations. That's because it's going to take a team effort. So how are we going to handle it? We're going to handle it as a team."

Lasry said the city will also need 12,000 volunteers, and they have already put up a form where you can apply to get involved.

"This is something where the entire community is going to have to be involved, and we're looking forward to having everyone playing a significant role."

Click here to apply to volunteer.

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