Milwaukee helping make voting accessible to everyone

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee is making sure everyone can cast a ballot in every election. 

This week, Milwaukee's Election Commission is helping people who have disabilities register to vote. 

It's partnered with two Milwaukee community organizations to make sure polling places are accessible to everyone. The sites have accessible parking and an auto mark, which helps people who are hearing impaired cast a ballot. 

The Election Commission says it's important everyone have an opportunity to cast a ballot. 

"Elected officials can be decided by 1, 10, 100 votes, anytime a population doesn't have access to a ballot, democracy isn't functioning," says Neil Albrecht, Executive Director of Milwaukee's Election Commission. 

The Partisan Primary is on August 14. 

For more information on the Wisconsin’s activities during National Disability Voter Registration Week, visit To register online to vote in Wisconsin, go to

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