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Milwaukee furloughed federal worker reacts to end of shutdown

NOW: Milwaukee furloughed federal worker reacts to end of shutdown


MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) -- Now that the partial federal government shutdown is over, local workers who were impacted are reacting to news.

You think it'd be a sense of relief for Lee Teasely to hear the longest shutdown has ended -- but that's not so. “Aggravating and frustrating,” he said. “I'm trying to find something positive that came out of all of this, and I'm not."

Teasley is an engineering technician for the Federal Aviation Administration, helping maintain its facilities.

When the government shutdown, he was furloughed.

"I was essentially told, watch the news. If the government shuts down, you don't have to report to work on Monday."

For 35-days, multiple federal agencies were closed, forcing many like Teasley to miss two paychecks. Luckily, his wife's income was able to support them, but others weren't as fortunate.

"The coworkers I have that have children, recently had children, which is a wonderful thing in their lives, and now suddenly didn't get paid immediately after Christmas for 30 days. That’s a nice present for the holidays, I guess," he said sarcastically. 

Teasley said the deal to re-open the government for three weeks brings federal workers no security.

"It's just one more continuing resolution of kicking the can on down the road. You go back to the previous shutdown and the one before that. It's always six months, half a year. It's never a budget for four years and that's ridiculous."

He's not sure the tough month they endured was worth it.

"Sacrifice without purpose. It seems like we went through all of this and I don't understand what exactly was accomplished," Teasley added.

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JosephMarino 488 days ago
Just for the publics knowledge my comment was taken down in my opinion is that it went against their agenda... just an opinion but read up before they delete it again.

First off government jobs almost need an act of congress for you all to lose your jobs. When you pick a government job your sacrificing a little in pay for job security.

If the majority of government employees dont have a months worth of savings i think we need you all to look into your money management skills. Also not working for a month and still getting paid for it sounds pretty good to me.

If working for the government is so bad maybe you should look for another job in my opinion. If anything the tax payers (me) who are going to be paying for your month off of work should be the ones complaining. Go back to work and stop taking up our news stories. And maybe this time put a couple bucks in the bank to avoid your financial crisis.
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