Milwaukee flight diverted

MILWAUKEE-A flight from Milwaukee made an unscheduled landing in South Bend, Indiana Tuesday.

Passengers reported smoke in the cabin and the pilot detected a problem with pressure.

The Southwest flight was headed to Baltimore.

\"They started smelling smoke in the cabin. The pilots decided to make a precautionary landing at the airport. We were the closest airport,\" explained Timothy O'Donnell, Director of Operations and Maintenance at South Bend Airport.

None of the 65 passengers on board was injured.

Close to a dozen emergency res ponders were called just in case.

\"It's not unusual for this type of landing to occur and for it to happen without incident,\" O'Donnell continued. \"We're just happy we could help Southwest Airlines out.\"

A spokesperson for Southwest tells our sister station WBND that another jet will be brought in to get the passengers to their intended destination.


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