Milwaukee distillery feeds Brewers-Cubs rivalry with "L Flag Bourbon"

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee distillery has come up with a new way to irritate Chicago fans just in time for the weekend's Brewers-Cubs series at Miller Park. 

Central Standard Craft Distillery has created what it calls its L Flag Bourbon. The Cubs, fly a "W" or "L" flag over their home ballpark, Wrigley Field, depending on whether the team wins or loses. 

The L Flag label is a little reminder of what happened last season. 

"This is just our way of saying, hey, last year didn't go so great. We're excited for this year. Our start has been wonderful. Their start, not so much, so we figured we'd give 'em one more 'L' to start the season," says Evan Hughes with Central Standard Craft Distillery. 

The L Flag Bourbon is only available at Central Standard Craft Distillery's tasting room in Walker's Point and there's a limited supply. 

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