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Milwaukee County Supervisor Marcelia Nicholson back at work after OWI

The Milwaukee County Board held its first meeting after one of its members was arrested for an OWI.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, supervisor Marcelia Nicholson was arrested just after midnight on Monday after crashing her car on I-43.

At Thursday’s meeting, Nicholson not wanting to speak with media, focused on agenda items.

Her colleague, Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, spoke with CBS 58.

"I believe in strict penalties for people who are found to have driven drunk, I have listened to the 911 calls that were made, and observed what has been portrayed in the media, and I'm very glad that the supervisor took responsibility for her actions," she said.

Through her attorney Michael Maistelman, Nicholson released a statement:

“Over the weekend, I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. I cooperated fully with thePolice. I will make no excuses. I made a horrible mistake and I am embarrassed by my actions. I apologize to myconstituents, colleagues, and community members for my inexcusable decision.”

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