Milwaukee County Jail inmates barricade themselves in library, 27 charged

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Twenty-seven inmates of the Milwaukee County Jail are now facing additional charges after authorities say they barricaded themselves in the jail library after voicing complaints with their given amount of gym and recreational time.

A criminal complaint says the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) was called to the jail Saturday afternoon, Aug. 12, after the inmates reportedly pushed a table against the door, put paper over the windows and ignored commands from deputies and correctional officers to return to their cells. A full lockdown was ordered as staff attempted negotiations. 

The complaint says the inmates continued to refuse all commands, refused to open the door and uncover the windows, and threatened staff. 

After all uninvolved inmates in the area were evacuated, pepper spray (OC) was deployed underneath the library door. The barricading inmates continued to ignore commands and allegedly responded by damaging the sprinkler system head inside the library, causing water to flood the room.

After nearly two hours, the complaint says a deputy punched a hole in the window to the library and more spray was deployed as staff instructed the inmates to exit peacefully. The complaint says one of the inmates turned toward a deputy with a closed fist, before the deputy struck him with his baton and ordered him to "stop resisting." All inmates were removed from the room and treated for exposure to OC spray. 

Four staff members were injured during the incident, and one correctional officer was taken to an area hospital for a soft-tissue injury. Other responding officers and deputies were also treated for OC exposure.

The following inmates are now charged with obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct following this incident:

  • Steven Bailey
  • Christian Cardona
  • Gerry Lewis Carroll
  • Jakobie Davis
  • Darryl Dent
  • Marland Edwards
  • Kentreal Evans
  • Demetrius Jamal Exum
  • Andrae Germone II Fredrick
  • Marqwell Demetri Good
  • Lawrence Griffin
  • Devonta Rashad Grover
  • Rickey Jerome III Harris
  • Francisco J Herrera
  • Larry Jermaine Jackson
  • Ronnie Jr. Jackson
  • Cortez Antonio Jones
  • Kendray E Lewis
  • Lorenzo Carveyea Lyons
  • Jordan Alan Mayrand
  • Sir Bishup Pirtle
  • Marquan Roy
  • Alan Anthony Smith
  • Edward Darell Tyler
  • Isaiah J Wheeler
  • Shaun Antonio White
  • Andre Labron Williams
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