'Time to buckle down': Milwaukee County health leader discusses safely celebrating the holidays during COVID-19

NOW: ’Time to buckle down’: Milwaukee County health leader discusses safely celebrating the holidays during COVID-19

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – With the holidays approaching and COVID-19 cases rising, many people have questions on how to celebrate safely.

Dr. Ben Weston, an associate professor with the Medical College of Wisconsin and Director of Medical Services for the Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management, joined CBS 58 to answer questions live and share important information.

"This is the time to buckle down," Weston said. "We are entering a dangerous period."

When it comes to celebrating with people who live outside of your home, Weston says it is not safe. 

"There would be nothing better then to get together with family to celebrate, one time at least this season, unfortunately its just not the time for it," he said.

When asked if it was safe for people who have recovered from the virus to see others, Weston said it is not a good idea.

"Whether you’ve had COVID or not had COVID, at this point, with all of the unknowns, I would not recommended getting together for frankly anyone, I know its not a happy answer, it’s not what any of us wants to do," he said. 

He also encouraged people to not only make a physical change this holiday season, but to also change their mindset.

"What you are doing is an act of love," Weston said. "An act of love for your family, your community and each other. You want everyone who comes to Thanksgiving or who could come this year to be able to come in 2021."

Although Weston said the next few months will be a tough time, it is promising knowing there is an end in sight. 

“What's important to remember right now is that we’re in a tough spot, and we’re going to be in a tough spot for a few months and its only going to get worse, but it will get better," he said. 

Weston also said it is important for anyone who plans on doing a 14-day quarantine to understand they cannot leave their homes or be exposed to other people in order for it to work. 

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