Milwaukee County digging out from first major snowstorm

NOW: Milwaukee County digging out from first major snowstorm

People in Milwaukee County are quickly adjusting to the winter storm. After what some might call a mild winter, several inches of snow finally fell in area.

"It's welcoming,” said Kavon Jones. “We can say it's officially winter, right?"

The overnight snow caused people to wake up early on Saturday and dig out.

It was exhausting for James Blaine who was shoveling in West Allis. "I'm cold, I'm hungry and I just wanna go to bed," he said.

The road conditions made it a tough drive for some. A pickup truck had a difficult time parking -- the tires spun and slid in the snow.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Thomas had his hands full cleaning off two cars in Milwaukee’s Concordia neighborhood. "My wife's car and mines. That's my job, it's what I need to do."

On the city’s east side, people were out and about.

"I been walking in the streets. The sidewalks are not that good,” Jones said. “It's like 50/50, but I don't mind walking in the street as long as cars don't hit me."

It seems Milwaukeeans were taking on the inclement weather with a positive attitude. "I have no problem with it because we hadn't had this much snow all year,"  Thomas said.

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