Milwaukee County Clerk Expects Higher Primary Turnout Compared to Statewide Projection

Milwaukee County Clerk Joseph Czarnezki says he expects voters in the county to turnout at a higher rate than the 16% predicted by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Wisconsin holds it fall primary next week, and Czarnezki said, "I think it will be a little higher here in Milwaukee County because we have some hotly contested legislative primaries. We also have a contested race for District Attorney here in Milwaukee County. So I think the turnout in Milwaukee County could be closer to 20 percent."

Czarnezki also reminds voters that photo ID will still be required to vote in the August 9th primary. He said, "We encourage everybody to go out and vote and bring an acceptable form of voter ID. Things could change in November and we just ask voters to stay tuned, because there could be some significant changes."

Czarnezki says those changes hinge on the state's appeal of two court rulings that could impact the state's voter ID law. 

The Milwaukee County Clerk's office has a new text update service which will send people deadline reminders, and alert them of any changes to voter ID law. If you want to use the service, you can text "MKE vote" to 468-311.

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