Milwaukee carjacking spree suspect: "I get to feel like I'm in a video game"

MILWAUKEE-- After a fourth round of arrests Thursday, Milwaukee Police say residents need to be on alert with the rash in carjackings. 


\"As one of the people we arrested said-- I get to feel like I'm in a video game,\" said Chief Ed Flynn, with the MIlwaukee Police Department.

Out of the 18 people arrested in the string of car burglaries, Milwaukee Police say 14 of those people are teenagers.

\"One suspect under questioning, admitted to stealing 60 cars, and being involved in 10 separate police pursuits,\" said Chief Flynn.

Chief Flynn says they've traced four groups to 56 robberies so far, but they could be linked to up to 100 crimes since summer this year.

\"Those who are able to escape consequence for the actions emboldens others to try it as well because it looks like they're living a video game,\" said Chief Flynn,

Chief Flynn says many of the young criminals use social media to communicate with their groups.

\"They use it to communicate with each other, they use it to tell each other where the police are, they use it to brag, they use it to compete with each other,\" said Chief Flynn.

While some are first time offenders-- Chief Flynn says the suspects know how to catch potential victims off guard.

\"We urge everyone who has a so called smartphone to, when they're walking down the street, put it in their pocket, take the earbuds out of their ears, and pay attention to their surroundings,\" Chief Flynn explained.

As police investigate the rash in car robberies they want all Milwaukee residents to be careful-- because there could be more.

\"Virtually everyone who's been assaulted on the street has had a cell phone, smartphone in their possession,\" said Chief Flynn.

Chief Flynn says he worries many of the juvenile offenders may be on track to adult prison.  He says with car theft as their gateway crime-- it could lead to more dangerous behavior in the future.


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