Milwaukee artists hold community event to remember Breonna Taylor

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One year ago, Breonna Taylor was fatally shot during a botched police raid at her Louisville apartment.

The 26-year-old's death sparked demonstrations demanding racial equality and police accountability.

None of the officers in the raid have been charged with her death.

Activists across the country, including in Milwaukee, held events to remember Breonna Taylor.

Dozens of people in the Milwaukee community showed up for an event hosted by the Milwaukee Artists for Racial Justice and the People's Revolution on Saturday, March 13.

They used the anniversary to celebrate first responders, as Taylor was an emergency room technician.

They also sold artwork inspired by Taylor with the goal of leaving an impression on people.

"For example, artists created a door," Robert Agnew Jr., co-founder of Milwaukee Artists for Racial Justice said. "Just that imagery and that context gives you a full body experience emotionally, mentally on what it could have been like for her in that moment."

Representative Lakeisha Myers from Milwaukee also spoke at the event.

Last month, she proposed a bill to ban no-knock warrants in Wisconsin, and she used Saturday's event to renew that push for that legislation.

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