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'Hit hard:' Majority of coronavirus cases on Milwaukee's north side, African-American community

’Hit hard: ’ Majority of coronavirus cases on Milwaukee’s north side, African-American community


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  According to data on the Milwaukee County COVID-19 dashboard, nearly 250 people in the City of Milwaukee have been infected with the contagious respiratory virus as of Wednesday, March 25.

Majority of them, about half of the cases are on the city’s north side, a predominantly black area.

“At least right now, it has hit the central city, the northern part of the city harder,” said Mayor Tom Barrett.

Officials said it’s also impacting middle-aged black men the most. All four coronavirus deaths in the city were black men in their 50s and 60s.

They say people aren’t heading the orders, and continue to gather in groups. “The more distance that you have, the less likely we are to transmit this disease,” Barrett said.

Experts are looking into other contributing factors causing the high numbers.

To help stop the spread, the health department is partnering with the CDC to get the message out through public service announcements.

“Part of that message is promoting basic hygiene, social distancing, as well as, abiding by the stay at home order,” said Dr. Jeanette Kowalik, health commissioner.

Officials add the number of positive cases are underestimated because of limitations on testing.

However, Alderman Khalif Rainey sent a letter to Ascension Healthcare asking them to provide free COVID-19 testing at St. Joseph's Hospital located on the north side.

He said in part, “this pandemic cannot become a death sentence for the poor and uninsured.”

City leaders also said there's an uptick of cases in the Hispanic community. 

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Homer 4 days ago
What's the plan for the north side of Milwaukee as the Coronavirus spreads. Aldermen want to shut of electrical power and water to those not following the rules...

We need a fallback plan... the Coronavirus is going to spread out of control in communities that don't follow the rules. It's going to spread exponentially, which is why the rules must be enforced.

The north side is bordered by three freeways/barriers: 43 to the east, 94 to the south, and 41 to the west. They are walls with overpasses as gates that can be controlled. The Corp of Engineers should be working on converting building into hospitals on Milwaukee's north side. At least 10,000 additional hospital beds could be needed. AND WE NEED DOCTOR AND NURSES to go along with these new hospitals.

What's the plan? Wait.... see...
DeleDee 10 days ago
Close the liquor stores large amounts of people “hang out” there!
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