Mequon Attorney Accused of Groping Beverage Cart Girls at River Club Charged with Lewd Behavior

The Mequon attorney accused of groping two beverage cart girls at the River Club of Mequon over the summer has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of lewd and Lascivious behavior for the incidents.

One of the victims, who we will not name because of the sensitivity of the allegations said she was serving a group of men when 59-year old Milwaukee attorney Christopher T Hale told the others to go ahead of him. The victim then said Hale asked her for a hug, but then took it further putting his hands down her pants grabbing her buttocks and chest.

The second victim told police Hale was the “touchy type” and that he would stand next to her, move his hands down her back and grab her buttocks.

She estimated that he grabbed her buttocks 80 times.

She said the summer of 2014, she worked at a member’s only lounge and Hale forcibly kissed her and stuck his tongue into her mouth.

On another occasion, the second victim said a perfume bottle she kept between her breasts fell out in front of Hale. Hale said, “You’ve got something there.”

She put the perfume bottle on the seat of her golf cart. He picked it up and said, “That’s got to go right back where it came from,” put the perfume bottle into her bra and cupped her breast.

She later found a $20 bill around the perfume bottle.

She said she was upset and drove back to the clubhouse and told her immediate supervisor what happened.

Special prosecutor for Ozaukee County Jerilyn Dietz said the two parties have come to an agreement which still needs to be approved by a judge. 

They agreed to charging Hale with two counts of Lewd and Lascivious behavior both are misdemeanors, Hale now must complete his part of the agreement, which the prosecutor would not reveal, but did say she believed “a significant financial component will be attached to this.” 

If the judge gives him the maximum he will have to pay at least $10,000 in fines for each count plus court costs.  Dietz added the financial component will be the deterrent in this instance.    

The next step is the Chief Judge for the Ozaukee County District needs to assign a judge. The judges in Ozaukee County have recused themselves because they know Hale.

CBS 58 was originally notified of the second assault victim when River Club sent a letter to members discussing the claims and terminated the membership of Hale. 

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